Throughout history, ethical philosophers have focused on four core virtues: Courage, Wisdom, Justice and Temperance. From the earliest writings of Plato and Aristotle, through the teachings of the world’s great religions, up to present times, these basic moral and ethical principals have remained constant. Rather than create our own unique list of corporate values, Hickok Incorporated has adopted these time-tested virtues as the underpinnings of our corporate culture. We strive to live by these core values in everything we do, every day.


  • Having the strength to do the right thing, especially when times are tough.
  • Exhibiting moral fortitude at all times, even when no one is watching.
  • Living by our principles, with an attitude of positive resilience.


  • Making decisions based on facts, within the context of our professional experience.
  • Striving for intellectual growth, with a focus on honesty and integrity.
  • Maintaining a thoughtful, reasoned and open-minded approach to our work.


  • Demonstrating fairness to all stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, co-workers and communities.
  • Keeping our promises to others, inside and outside of the organization.
  • Respecting the importance of all people, in an authentic and compassionate manner.


  • Maintaining self-control, regardless of the inevitable ups and downs of daily life.
  • Performing our duties with a disciplined, methodical and practical approach.
  • Acting with moderation and humility under all circumstances.

Community Involvement

At Federal Hose, we strive to actively demonstrate our core values through community engagement.  We are currently engaged in the following projects:

  • We volunteer as mentors for the eCity Program, where we work one-on-one with students to create a business plan.  The program helps students draw connections between academics and “real life”.
  • We are a member of  the Alliance for Working Together Foundation, which collaborates with schools in nearby counties to provide exposure, training and skills required in manufacturing.

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