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Federal Hose-The Shop

The Shop


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We have many flanges and adaptors available for attaching the hoses to other assemblies, consult customer service for assistance.

General Purpose

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We offer a wide range of standard flexible metal hoses, standard strip wound, polygonal, smoothbore and roughbore.

Material Handling/Truck Exhaust

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Material handling hoses for dry bulk pneumatic conveying systems.

Truck exhaust connectors are all rough bore designs available in a variety of materials and sizes.


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We offer silicone rubber hoses for many applications, heater hoses, coolant hoses, turbocharger hoses, charge air cooler hoses and elbows.


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We offer a range of specialty hoses, Blow out protection armor, tar and asphalt hoses and custom made assemblies based on customer requirements.


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For high temperature air handling we offer our SIL1 and SIL2 ventilation hoses. Great for use in descicant drying systems or any application venting or blowing hot air.